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Celebrities that Made an Impact in Las Vegas in the Last 10 Years

Las Vegas is a great place to go if you are interested in seeing celebrities. The interesting thing about going to Las Vegas is that you always get a chance to see a big headliner. People that have already established a large fan base and sold out arenas will come to Las Vegas for a residency. This is one of the best things about traveling to Vegas if you like these types of big-name headliners.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer is someone that just ended her residency recently. She had star-studded guests that were coming out to see her perform in her last shows. She was someone that brought a lot of high-energy to Las Vegas, and fans were right there with her every step of the way. She had a lot of sold out shows, and she made quite an impression in the world of entertainment on the Las Vegas strip. She has become someone that is well known in many different circles. She has fans that are part of the pop circle. There are people in the R&B world that know her music as well. This has given her quite a diverse audience for her Las Vegas shows.

Mariah Carey

People that are aware of the presence that Mariah Carey has on stage are sure to include her in the highlights of Las Vegas within the last decade. This pop diva has continued to bring new hits to the charts as she has performed for many audiences during her Las Vegas residency. She has been able to acquire a very sizable paycheck for running down all of her hits that made her a superstar over the years. Mariah has continued to lead the way as one of the top earners in the last decade for her Las Vegas residency. There have been times where she stopped before me and started back. This is a sign of just how much demand there was for her music.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga someone that is fairly new to Las Vegas in relation to others like Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey, but she is also someone that has a huge fan base. This large number of fans that she has gathered over the years has given her the ability to have a great impact on Las Vegas in a short amount of time. People that are going to see her shows are fans of her bizarre antics and her strong stage appeal. She has continued to make Vegas one of the most exciting places for anyone that is in love with pop culture and the artists that are part of it.

Elton John

He may not have a regular residency in Vegas, but Elton John is someone that has made a big impression. The reason for that is simple. Elton has become someone that has made a big dent in Vegas because he has a lengthy catalog. He has been known to show up and perform shows at certain times, and this has given him a crowd that will fly out to see him whenever he is in town. He has continued to perform his classics, and this has given him a great amount of impact on the Vegas culture.

James Taylor

Everyone that is coming to Vegas is not there to see the younger pop stars that have dominated in the 90s though. Some fans of music fly out to Vegas to see people like James Taylor that may not have a big band or any type of over the top shows. Taylor has an array of acoustic hits that he sings as he sits with his guitar. These are the type of acts that tend to attract an older crowd, but it is something that is rather consistent. An artist like James Taylor can sell out shows repeatedly because he has a fan base that supports what he does.

They know his songs, and many of the older people that come to Vegas for gambling will also check out what someone like James Taylor’s doing. He is someone that makes it easier for the easy listening crowd that would rather bypass the club environment to find something that they can enjoy. He has this melodic type of sound that is perfect for the alternative to the high-strung pop shows that have become so popular over the years. James Taylor has a fan base that will fly out to where he is because they believe in his music, and they believe in his message.

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